My name is Jacqueline Marston.  I have lived in Lézignan Corbières for 11 years with my husband and son.

I am originally from a village called Galston in Scotland, then moved to Yorkshire to live with my, now, husband.  Life in France has been very different for me from my life in the UK.  I had worked in various jobs after leaving school, before finding a role in an industrial market, and building a career around that.  Since moving here I have struggled with the ‘housewife’ role.  Thankfully my husband’s business keeps me busy in paperwork, but I wanted something for me.  So, when the opportunity came along to take over this card business I took it.

It’s given me a purpose, and more than that, it’s let me meet members of the immigrant community I may not have.  We’re a diverse group of Brits, Americans, Dutch, Spanish, German, Australians, and others.  We’ve all met through, well, not being French.  It is comforting to be able to speak to people in your own language and know they are having the same problems and worries as you.

I hope I get to meet many more of you soon, and bring your French friends – we need them to understand how important greetings cards are in life!

J x